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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 11, 2011 2:42 am

    1. General Behavior

  • You should not be rude to your guild mates. This includes insulting them, ignoring their questions, leaving the party when in dungeon causing them to disconnect, etc.
  • Follow common sense when engaging discussions with your guildies, and argument each sentence where needed (if advising on a specific gear part, for example)
  • Respect all other players as well as your guild members. The guild will gain respect much faster if behaving nicely as a whole, rather than boasting and being aggressive. This also means that you should not expect the guildmates to pop in and help you in your fights, just because you chose to PK / KS a certain player in a certain guild.
  • Trivial language (when not used as a joke) will not be tolerated inside or outside the guild. The GuildMaster will discuss the complaints that he receives with the person responsible for the situation, and decide the sanction based on severity.

    2. Dungeons and looting (item sharing)

  • A Leader will always take the party lead and use the loot system. If no Leader is online
    a full member is taking the lead. a TRIAL! member will never get the lead of a party.
  • Guild price discount is 25 % / Party Discount will be 40%,  if you're in a 7 man party you will calculate the price / 7
  • Party Discount for duo dungeoning is 50% and for Trio Dungeoning 30%
  • Leth Rings & Frame Parts are for Free which means you dont have to pay anything if you get one. If you get for example a 7% Amp Frame part you are only allowed to loot for one when it has 2 or higher %.
  • If 2 or more person need the Item which got dropped there will be a lot and the winner can buy the Item.

  • IMPORTANT! :  When you sell something first, post it here in our Forum at the WTS Topic. If nobody answered to you after 3 days then you are allowed to sell the drop outside of the Guild.

    3. Crafters

  • If you craft something from an Guildie you provide him the mats and if you need the item which you wanted to craft it will be for Free. If you use the Item you crafted for Sell then the Crafter gets 20% of the obtained alz.

    4. Trials

  • Trial Time is set to minimum of 2 weeks and can be extended to 4 weeks.
  • During your Trial time you ARENT ALLOWED to lot for Drei Frame Parts.
  • After your Trial Time is done there will be a voting if you will pass the Trial time.
  • Since guild is fully Procyon, Capellans in trial must change to Proc within 5 days of the first trial Week in order to pass trial period.
  • Trials have to be with opened gear,so we can see if they did improve or not.

    5. Communication

  • Mediocre English skills (reading + writing) are a must. We are an international guild which uses English as main and ONLY language. Others can be used in Party or Whisper only, but Guild chat will forever contain English words or rare jokes based on foreign language (like Dios mio! or Scheisse or similar).
  • If you are Available for Skype, Teamspeak , Ventrilo you should use it, because its easier to run dungeons together and it makes more fun also, and you will learn more about your mates.

    6. Forum Activity

  • The Forum is a part of our Guild and its not only used for Applications so visit the Forum atleast twice a week.

    7. Nation War
  • It's recommended to play with your guildmates, but up to you what you want to do.
  • You should join the Bonus TG atleast when you are online.
  • Since guild is fully Procyon, Capellans in trial must change to Proc to pass trial period.

    8. Guild Channel

  • Prem Channel 16 / Non Prem Channel 13 and 18. Please use this channels mostly because it gives a better Boost of playing together and it also gives a better feeling as a Team / Guild if you see your people around you.

    9. Alt Characters

  • Guild members can add their alt characters in guild if they are playing with it as active. This is limited for only 1 extra character. If you are inactive with this alt, please leave the guild with it.
  • Write your main character name as a character message in game.

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Guild Rules
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