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PostSubject: WTJ    WTJ  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 9:26 pm

1.Personal: Tom
   Nickname: Bobby2000 (ingame)
   Nationality: Germany
   If there would be a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself if you would have to choose one for your english skills/knowledge.

   Your Character Class and Lvl: Gladiator 190
   Your Honor Rank: 14, 50 % (Luminosity Guardian atm)
   Your Nation: Capella
   Have you Alt.characters? If yes Name/class/lvl: 190 BL and Gl ( on Red  Moon)
   When did you start playing Cabal on Jupiter?: bought my character on 25.12.2014
   Are you a crafter? If yes what are you crafting and what is your lvl in it ?: no

   3.Your Equipment
   Weapon(s): mithril chakram 38 cd + 9, red osmium chakram 4 rat e20 cd +7
   Boots: archridium 7 amp 100 mp + 8
   Gloves: archridium 7 amp 2 % hp steal +8
   Helm: 8 archridium 8 rate 20 cd +8
   Suit: archridium 12 amp + 8
   Rings:tyrant ring, cr +2 x2 , kilian ring
   Amulet: aop +6
   Bracelets: bof+7 x2
   Earrings: ve +7 x2 , 46 def drosnin for tg
   Epaulet: eof +8
   Board: kred
   Charm: amber +2
   Belt: fighter belt +7
   Effectors: bloodyrusk : 50 attk , rage shield :1200 dmg absorb
   Pet (Level and slots): lv 5 only crap slots
   Runes (and their level):hp defense attack mp max. crit rate maxed, all resist runs lv  

   Number of runs from the following dungeons:

   In which Guild(s) you have been before?
Deluxe , Infinite DivinieInfinity (Red Moon)

   Why did you leave it(them)?
Nearly every of my dungeon requests was ignored or rejected

   Do you have friends inside Arise guild? if yes Who? (will be easier to get in for you) ForceMagical, vukraar

   How many hours are you active per day?
0 -10

   5. Additional Informations
   Please answer all of those Questions with 2 or more

   What kind of a player are you? ( Dungeon player or TG Player )
TG and Dungeon (main reason for playing cabal is tg)

   What do you think what can you add to the Guild ?
Points for guild ranking and always dg runs

   What do you expect from us as Guild ?
as many dg runs and possible to get alz and new items and  tg teamplay if possible. Also i left 2 equipped characters on another server and now i hope for a friendly and supporting guild.

   Do you accept and respect our guildrules?
yes sir bounce
PLEASE DONT FORGET: my items / dg runs are low at the moment because i bought my character one month ago because i quitted red moon server. i got a lot of dg/tg experience on this server  and already sold some parts there to transfer vouchers from red moon to jupiter. after selling more and more parts i can buy better items on jupiter but this is going to take a while ( can only tranfer 20 vouchers per week)

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PostSubject: Re: WTJ    WTJ  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 9:29 pm

We'll discuss your application and you'll get the results as soon as possible!

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PostSubject: Re: WTJ    WTJ  I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2015 3:40 pm

Hey, you are accepted for a trial time.
Pm IMitzy, Yujie, unevano, Ziitah or xLegi for your invitation.

And please take notice that you will have to change to proc, during your trial since we are a proc guild.

I can reach you and break you whenever I want.
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ    WTJ  I_icon_minitime

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