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 WTJ iKasir

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PostSubject: WTJ iKasir   WTJ iKasir I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2015 4:14 pm


my name is iKasir, im 18 years old and im from the Netherlands. Qua English I'd give me a 7. Just regular ;p

Im a 190 FB'er and Im hr 16, 40%. At the moment, I'm in the Cap nation. Hope I can stay here, so that I won't have to change
to Proc. And yea, I know this guild is procyon but will see then. I've one alt with a decent lvl, it's a 130 lvl Wizard, called
iWikim (very original ty). Further some Warehouse alts who are lvl 10. Im playing this game for almost 2 years now. Not
that long indeed, but yea, I still ilke it.

Nah, I'm not crafting. Though, my aminity at Cloe is almost 5k.

Weapons: CM Sig blade 40 CD +15 (2/3 extremed), and CM Sig Crystal 40 cd (1/3 extremed)
Boots: CM Mith boots +15, 1 Slot, def craft.
Gloves: CM Teragloves +10, 1 Slot, def craft (will change this asap).
Helm: Osm helm +10, 36 dmg.
Suit: CM Mith Suit +12, 1 slot, Hp craft.
Rings: Leth, Killian, and 2x Cr2.
Bracelets: 2x Prideus Bracelet. First one, 10cd, 3 amp. Second one, 12 cd, 3 amp.
Earings: 1x Ve8, and 1x Drosnin Earings, 45 Hp steal.
Amulet: Orphidia's Amulet, with 4 max crit, 6cd, 1 amp.
Epaulet: Eof8.
Board: K-red.
Bike: Don't have atm.
Charm: Amber Charm +5.
Belt: Fighter belt +7.
Effectors:   Art of Curse effector. x90 def, -8% resist cd.
Mana Freeze: -25mp, -50defense.

Pet: Gentle Parrot: Lvl 8, 90%.  
Slots: 2x CD, 1x cr, 1x Hp absorb up,1x Resist cd, 1x Resist Knock Back, 1x Resist Down, 1x, MP absorb limit up.

Pet exp; maxed
Exp; maxed
Hp abosrb; maxed
Hp absorb limit up; maxed
S.amp; maxed
Max crit; maxed
Dex; lvl 6
Int; lvl 5
Str; lvl 6
Hp; maxed
Attack; maxed
Critical Damage; maxed
Resist down; lvl 1

Numbers of runs:
FI;    44
Aos1;  138
Aos2;  81
Ic1;  137
Ic2;  34
Ft2;  135
MO;  49
Afi;  39
Aft2;  13

In wich guilds I've been before?
ProjectMayhem, Xtremity (for 1 week or smt) and Sublime.

Why did I leave them?
ProjectMayhem died, Xtremity was just boring as fu k, no friends there etc. and Sublime... Yea, some Personal Troubles with Exti (the GM).

Do I have friend(s) inside Arise Guild?
Yea, BlmadnesSs, LittleSPbuff, Zittah, ZOOT, Zombiehunter and I know Mare a bit.

How many hours I'm active per day?
Around 2/3 hours a day, differs per day because of college.

Additional informations:
What kind of player I am?
Playing both kind of types in Game(TG and Dungeons).
TG, yea I'm always up for tg. And like i Said, hope i can stay at the Cap side. Won't join Exti's party anymore cause had enough of it. And I know, I'm kinda retarded in TG, insta exe blabla. But for me TG is winning, not farming. Hope that'll be accepted xd. But I promise I wont hunt some1 from Guild if I'll be in Arise (keke).

Dungeons, yea I like playing dungeons. The small dungeons or the bit harder dungeons, they're all np for me. Soloing dungeons are bit boring
imo, doing Aos1 y, but doing it with party is way nicer ;p And y, did not that many runs in Dungs, but am playing this game for, like i said, 2 years  
and when I'm online Im doing something xd. Prefer bosshunt though.

What do I think I can add to the Guild?
Yea, a new Fb'er xd. Using some pro debuffs on pro bosses etc. and maybe a bit dmg too. Hoping
I'll be accepted as the way I am (no gay please).

What do I expect from you as Guild?
Being fair with drops #noscam
Being awesome as Guild
Doing dungeons and bosshunt.

Do I accept and respect our Guildrules?
Yep, I accept them.

Hope I can add something to u as Guild, and especially that I can join you xd.
See ya all,

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PostSubject: Re: WTJ iKasir   WTJ iKasir I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2015 4:44 pm

was wondering when you would apply xD
we will look at your application and let u know the outcome asap ;p ..

WTJ iKasir 2ugnrsy

WTJ iKasir 2khsu9
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ iKasir   WTJ iKasir I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2015 4:52 pm

Accepted for trial pm me or a guild member for your invite
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ iKasir   WTJ iKasir I_icon_minitime

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WTJ iKasir
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