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 WTJ Maro

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PostSubject: WTJ Maro   WTJ Maro I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2015 9:23 pm

Age: 17 (in June 18:D)
Nationality: Croatian
If there would be a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself if you would have to choose one for your english skills/knowledge.

Your Character Class and Lvl: Fa 187(50%)
Your Honor Rank: 13
Your Nation: Procyon
Have you Alt.characters? If yes Name/class/lvl: -
When did you start playing Cabal on Jupiter?: 2012
Are you a crafter? If yes what are you crafting and what is your lvl in it ?: no crafts:D

3.Your Equipment
Weapon(s): mith orb +15 28cd,top orb+15 40cd 1/2
Boots:cm mithral boots +9 resist amp 8mamp
Gloves:cm mithral gloves +12 20 def 8amp hp steal
Helm:stit +9 40 cd
Suit:drei frame+10 7amp
Rings: leth, kilian, rol2, cr2
Amulet: aop6
Bracelets:sienas 16cd(1 with 50 accuracy:D)
Earrings:dros 60def vamp err+7
Epaulet: eos8
Board: kred
Charm: saphirre +5
Belt: sage +7
Effectors:aos 6cd qucik move 100def rate 100 evasion
Pet (Level and slots):lvl 5 8matt 1rate 6def
Runes (and their level):hp max matt lvl 11 mamp lvl 3 def att rate max mp 5 cd lvl 1 dex str int lvl 1

Number of runs from the following dungeons:
FI: 54
AOS1: 325
AOS2: 87
IC1: 55
IC2: 45
FT2: 359
MO: 78
AFI: 45
AFT2: 0 Sad

In which Guild(s) you have been before?
Eternity,Xtremity,Riot etc
Why did you leave it(them)?
idk i didnt like teamplay,comunitation etc
Do you have friends inside Arise guild? if yes Who? (will be easier to get in for you) Zi and mare and mby some1 too but idk really:D

How many hours are you active per day?

5. Additional Informations
Please answer all of those Questions with 2 or more

What kind of a player are you? ( Dungeon player or TG Player ) both

What do you think what can you add to the Guild ? active Fa that wants to learn from zi and other good fa:D

What do you expect from us as Guild ?Friendly active members:D

Do you accept and respect our guildrules? Yes, I do.
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ Maro   WTJ Maro I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2015 9:25 pm

We will look at your application and let you know the outcome asap =)


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WTJ Maro
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